When I discover Who I am, I’ll be free – Ralph Ellison

Every time I think I know myself better, I encounter another puzzle and I start exploring myself again…

Every time there is an internal disturbance, I realize that it is going to take me to the next level…

Every new challenge that comes in, I find myself getting ready to welcome it.

The old me never felt sorted and empowered like this. The old me was scared…to take a leap. The old me lacked trust and courage.

I used to blame others for not understanding me; regret for making poor decisions; I was numb…functioning on an auto-mode.

My developed self-awareness helped in bringing high clarity. I know what path I want to walk on. I am clear in picking up my battles and responding to people who matter to me the most. I channelize my energies into doing what I love doing.

“Self-awareness is the ability to take an honest look at your life without any attachment to it being right or wrong, good or bad”
~Debbie Ford

This is what self-aware people tell you…when they have found the answer to who am I? They find high sense of self-acceptance, ability to forgive and be compassionate. They keep taking consistent steps in transforming from pain to passion, sadness to contentment, rejection to acceptance.

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Are you ready to feel empowered?

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