I Love Myself- Discover A Life through Self-Love

I Love Myself: Discover a life through self-love reinforces the message that nobody will value you till you don’t value yourself. If you expect respect, then first respect yourself. If you want to find love, then first find within yourself for yourself. By criticising and hating yourself, you automatically stop your growth and prevent yourself from living a happy, stress-free life.

As a coach, I wanted to help all those people who need help (emotionally and mentally) but doesn’t have enough support system or accessibility to get help. This book reminds you that in every circumstance, you hold the responsibility of your life. You have the choice to manage your thoughts, actions and behaviours only when you take responsibility for yourself. Otherwise, you are bound to face low self-esteem, low self-confidence and finally, low self-love. The choice is always in your hand to make or break your life.

This book will support you to create the life of your dreams. It provides exercises at the end of each chapter to overcome a negative mindset to change it to a progressive and positive one. The book is available in the USA and UK through Kindle. The physical copy is currently available in India only through Amazon and Flipkart.