Write. : Find Your own mind as a writer

A Few Lines from my book: 

“One word leads to another.
One sentence connects to another.
One page turns to another.
One day a whole book is written.” 

‘Write. : Find your own mind as a writer’ is a compilation of my own experience and lesson learned through the struggles in the journey of writing. The book came into existence with the pure thought of providing a soft nudge to writers who are thinking of writing but are somewhere stuck.

This book is a work of a Book Coach – Vandana Sehgal (who has created the right concoction of motivation and writing tools to make you start writing) and an editor – Neetu Ralhan (who has provided significant tips on editing).

When Neetu and I started working on this idea we wanted to inspire people to write more, bring their ideas, thoughts, and stories out. We wanted people to enjoy writing, which meant setting a creative mindset and providing the tools of writing.

I am sure you will refer to this book multiple times in your journey of being a writer. Click on the link below to get your copy now