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The wellbeing of beings is a mighty task,

For keeping beings well is not easy.

The delicate mind needs stories, but pauses, too.

Too many stories can make you neurotic.

Pauses, too many, can make you ignorant.


The world has lost the balance and so,

indeed, the wellness of beings.

Souls loiter aimlessly unknowing of their deeds.

But wellness it is, that one must work towards.

Just not of the mind, but, so, of the body.

The world must be well before they conquer lands.


Wellness, how must then one have?

By knowing to balance the mind and the soul!

Not forgetting love, the steppingstone of every human journey.

Compassion can make you see, what hatred makes you forget.

Healing truly, can bring back what you thought was lost.


Practice healing and practice it well, wishing well for the being.

Wellbeing can only then be reached.

Practice being calm and wellbeing can be achieved.

All these practices need to be in place to achieve wellbeing.

Wellbeing of soul, mind and body.

Now you see why achieving it is so very hard?

The wellbeing of beings is thus, undoubtedly the mightiest of all tasks.

Banner Photo Credits: Stacie Clark on Unsplash

Background Image Credits: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Snehashree is a content writer by profession, and she writes on almost all the niches. She writes poetry, a book is also available on Amazon, called “A Hiatus from the Loaded Past”. She also regularly writes on her blog: and on her website, She is a part of IndieITPress and Talking Zebras Group.