As a Wellness Coach I find gathering courage to be far easier than faking confidence.

Courage helps to say “I have never done it before, can you help me?”. While lack of confidence freezes you to possibly add shame, “How come I don’t know this? What will others think about me I can’t even understand this simple thing?” I feel courage gets associated with bigger things whereas in regular life it is practiced in many occasions.

Courage has many forms. Courage is normally associated with doing something heroic…such as driving a fast sports car, standing against an injustice etc. Where as I get to meet courage in everyday life. I meet people who wear the blanket of courage in routine. Cooking for guest when you don’t like cooking, girl experimenting with new looks, child approaching an upset parent, teenager asking for permission to get a tattoo, and many more situations like these. Then it comes in complex situations like posting your kissing pictures on social media just because you want to show your love for other person, boy talking about his broken relationship, wife accepting that her marriage is not working out, child sharing the pain of broken family. I find courage present in every nook and corner of our life asking for recognition to let you know that you are strong much more than you think.

Courage to move forward. The situations where I mostly feel confident, yet the process gets me into questioning of my abilities, courage comes as an anchor. It ignites me to act through the leap of faith within me. Last week, I got caught into a situation where I met my-old-friend-Shaky-Confidence. I wanted to go live on Facebook to talk about 5 Tips Towards Holistic Wellness During the Cold Weather. I prepared my content, gathered my belief that I am ready to go live, I realised that I am not able to click on the Live icon. My heart was racing, mind was asking why am I putting myself in the embarrassing situations? What if my mind will go blank? At that same moment I realised courage was peeping from the corner telling me that you can do it. Give it a shot to surprise yourself. And I finally did it, at least in the end I was proud of myself of not choosing the easy option of giving up. I was happy to face the lion without running away.

Courage to win over fears. The antidote for fear is courageous action which isn’t a rocket science to understand, nonetheless hard to implement. Mind and body goes numb when in the grip of fear, in those situations even confidence doesn’t support completely. The more the fear is allowed to rule, weaker becomes the courage. In one of my coaching session a client acknowledged, that he gets intimidated by people with great communication skills and talking to them for 2 minutes was a scary thought, even though he is confident about his knowledge. Many would suggest to brush up his Communication Skills which could be one of the strategy. The other could be to break the fear into parts by taking smaller courageous steps. Fear can’t stand together when courage is shown. Fear needs a proof that courage is stronger.

In the ned I would like to use an excerpt from my book I Love Myself “I haven’t met a single person who has never faced a shaking confidence in their life. It’s the courage that provides the will and push to act.” (Chapter Ladder To Success)

What are your ways of showing courage? please share your comments

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