Okay, if you thought about checking your insta, snap, or emails? You need to rethink. I am asking you about the messages you keep feeding to yourself…

If I reduce another 5 kilos, I will feel great, in other wordsI am not good enough

If I get this job, I can celebrate my success….I am not worthy.

There is so much to do, I hardly have time for myself….I am unorganised

Life is hard, there is always something or the other to solve…I am stressed

This goes on and on…in a day you hardly recognise the quality of data you are storing within you.

Sit for few minutes with yourself to observe the messages you are giving to yourself.

It isn’t possible to shut the voice inside your head. What is possible is the control over the loudness of that noise and the quality of those voices. Think, question…ask for how long you want to let these noises rule over you?

If you don’t decide and commit now to reduce these irrelevant messages then no one can it for you. For how long you want to wait for others to understand you and listen to you while you refuse to listen to yourself.

For a day get mindful about the messages you are constantly downloading in your folder called Brain. Try to categories those messages into sub-folders of important, critical, trash or to be read. Observe which folder holds maximum messages and you will get lot more clarity, maybe an alarming wake-up call. Also whenever possible one day try to observe others, you will realise that they are constantly giving negative messages to themselves. They are harsh, critical, judgmental, or doubtful about themselves “I know I can’t do it” , “I always make same mistakes” They do not realise that their mind is constantly catching the data and accepting all sort of information to be true.

If you want to improve the quality of your life then you need to make choices of what type of information you want to pick. Although each one of us wantto take-in the data that is relevant for a happier, successful and calmer life…but that want needs to turn into action which is possible when you appoint a filter to let the selective information pass through.

For instance, when someone talks to you in an angry tone or misbehaves, you can make any of the following choices by putting on your filters:

  1. Give back equal fight.
  2. Silently listen to whatever is being said.
  3. Ignore the person. Go deaf ear to disconnect emotionally.
  4. Blame self for inviting trouble
  5. Shrug it off as if nothing happened
  6. Forgive for the misconduct
  7. Address the issue when environment is conducive.
  8. Sit comfortably with yourself to introspect

You always have the option to make better choices. So what message are you giving to yourself today?

I always appreciate the valuable contributions you make…I would love to hear from you Have you checked your messages?