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Am I an author or entrepreneur?

I wear both these hats on and off, and keep switching between the two. I love both so much that it gets hard to put any one of them down. I also figured that many a times both the jobs need similar skills.

Entrepreneurs and authors may seem like they have very different roles and skill sets, but there are some key similarities between the two.

Creativity exists in everything:

Both entrepreneurs and authors need to be creative in their respective fields. Entrepreneurs must come up with innovative business ideas and solutions to problems, while authors need to create compelling stories, characters, and worlds.

Vision is the key:

Both entrepreneurs and authors have a vision for what they want to achieve. Entrepreneurs envision the success and growth of their businesses, while authors have a vision for the themes and messages they want to convey through their writing.

Persistency has no alternative:

Success as an entrepreneur or author often requires persistence and resilience. Both face challenges and setbacks but must keep pushing forward to achieve their goals.

I am my own boss:

Entrepreneurs and authors often have a degree of independence in their work. Entrepreneurs create and run their businesses, while authors typically work on their writing independently.

Communication skills are must:

Both entrepreneurs and authors need strong communication skills. Entrepreneurs must communicate effectively with employees, partners, investors, and customers, while authors must convey their ideas and stories clearly to their readers.

Risk-taking becomes a second nature:

Entrepreneurs and authors are both willing to take risks. Entrepreneurs often invest time and money into new ventures, while authors put their creative work out into the world, risking criticism and rejection.

Adaptability and flexibility:

Both entrepreneurs and authors need to be adaptable to changing circumstances. Entrepreneurs must navigate a constantly evolving business landscape, while authors may need to adjust their writing style or content to meet audience preferences.

Passion is the guiding force:

Successful entrepreneurs and authors are often fuelled by a passion for their work. They genuinely love what they do and are driven to make a positive impact with their endeavours. It’s the passion that keep the fire in belly alive…

Learning and growth is tremendous:

Both entrepreneurs and authors are lifelong learners. They continuously seek to improve their skills and knowledge to stay relevant and excel in their fields.

Creating a meaningful life:

Both entrepreneurs and authors aspire to make an impact on their respective audiences. Entrepreneurs aim to create products or services that solve problems and improve lives, while authors strive to entertain, educate, or inspire their readers.

While the specific activities and outputs of entrepreneurs and authors differ significantly, the underlying traits and qualities required for success share common ground.

Why should I chase one dream, when I can achieve two with similar skill set!!!

About A New You:

We all deserve to have everything in our life exactly the way we want it.The first step begins with believing that every moment is bringing an opportunity to be a new you. As a founder, I provide tools to elevate all dimensions of your life and I teach you the art of writing to reach to your true potential.

Vandana Sehgal | Founder – A New You