As I am working on the plan for my book tour for I Love Myself, I thought I would share few of my favourite passages from the book with you. Even though it remains on top of my mind and I try my best to practice as much as possible, I know I need to put in more effort in practicing through my heart.

From I Love Myself

Complaining hurts at a deeper level. What are you gaining from complaining? Ask yourself, “Am I gaining comfort or frustration? Is the purpose of my complaints simply to vent or are they an expression of a deeper pain?”

Venting is healthy if the purpose is to let go of suppressed emotions in order to obtain mental balance and comfort. Hence, talking about your feelings and emotions is a lot healthier than just putting a lid on them.(Ch-Do you complain a lot? Pg 9)

Life is like a piano. Life is like a piano where the white keys are happy moments and the black keys are sad ones. Remember, both types of keys are needed to create a complete piece of music with harmony and rhythm. This is also true for your life. We need all types of emotions to be able to enjoy the music. It is okay to accept that certain things are out of your control and can’t be fixed. It’s okay to accept that happiness is all about the attitude. Even negative experience have a silver lining. (Ch-Do you Complain a lot? Pg 11)

Feelings are real and need validation. Before you could press a feeling, you experience it – physically and mentally. Every interaction leaves an impression in the form of feelings. You may not recall the event exactly, but you will always remember the feeling attached to it. The feelings simply surface, asking for your acceptance. In any situation your feelings demand validation and do not call for agreement or disagreement. the acceptance of feelings is important; ignoring them or not validating them leads to resentment. (Ch-Give words to your feelings Pg-101)

Self-belief brings immense energy. Self-belief is a positive state of mind that helps in stimulating positive emotions. The more positive you feel, the more energetic you become, with an ability to put forth all your best efforts. It’s scientifically proven that as your body experiences positive emotions, your metabolism starts getting healthier, and you develop a stronger immune system making you feel revitalised and active. Hence, having a strong belief system enhances a positive mental and emotional state while building a fit, energetic body. (Ch-Self-Belief has the greatest power Pg 140)

The book is available through Amazon, Kindle and Flipkart. Through this book I wanted to inspire and empower you to overcome negative mindset. It motivates you to accept who you are, before demanding acceptance from others. It highlights that the 3 C’s – Consistency, Conviction, Courage- will help you sail through problems to transform into positive attitude.